Testimonials from Stylists & Salons

Olivia Jordan. Miss OKComing from someone who is in the hair industry as well, I would highly recommend Hair Extensions by London. The hair is amazing quality and lasts forever.  Not only is she an expert at COLOR matching, she even matches the TEXTURE of your hair to the texture of extensions . She’s an amazing person inside and out, super fun and bubbly! Thanks London for all of your hard work in creating the best hair extension hair ever! I have never seen someone do such a perfect set of extensions.

Brit Mobile Blowdry
Los Angeles CA

If you are looking for something that will help you stand out in the beauty or hair extensions industry, I highly recommend any of London Extensions products. These products really give you the unique advantage in the industry. London really does care about helping stylists and this is not just a sale to her. You become like family. She helped me grow my business and get into a niche market.

I love her wedding line and it makes styling brides so much easier. I am able to give my brides more options and a more unique and sophisticated look with the London Extensions Wedding Collection. I styled for Focus magazine and was amazed at how the light hit the crystals. These brides really stood out as TOP CLASS brides with looks that were just regal.

Blown Salon Beverly Hills
Knot 2014

Helping brides to create a look that most have literally dreamt of their entire life is wonderful, but what happens when that fairy tale vision of their hair doesn’t match the genetics of their hair? We order London Extensions.

In the Fall of 2012, after meeting London, I started ordering her companies “one-time wears” for most of my brides. I have the opportunity to order as many pieces in various lengths and colors as needed for each situation. They by far are the most affordable company I have come across, with customer service that is unbeatable. As we move into 2015 I look forward to making each of my clients’ visions come true, with the help of London Extensions new Wedding Collection of course…. London really does care about helping stylist succeed in a way that no other company has.

I hired London to help me grow my hair extension business. WOW, she helped me become a master and an expert extensionist. She still keeps me up to date to keep me ahead of other extensionists in town. What ever class she has, sign me up. It will only help my business grow larger and keeps me ahead in the industry. I have clients chasing me now.

Tiffany Giovanini
Village Solo
Denver, CO

I had the pleasure of meeting London Scott shortly after I moved back to Los Angeles 2 years ago. Not only is she a kindhearted and caring person, her work is like nothing I have seen. Her “Custom Blending” Technique is amazing and her client’s extensions match perfectly in color and texture. I get to see the many techniques she uses first hand. The clients we share have the most custom matched extensions I have seen, and she always matches perfectly to the color I give the clients. Working with London helped me get more clients from a niche market. I am so thankful to be working with her and am very excited to see what this year has in store for London!

Balayage by Nancy Braun
Beverly Hills Salon